About Me

A university student who spends his free time blogging about his fishkeeping hobby. 

Hi, I’m Fur! I created Wild Aquarist to share the research I’ve conducted about wild-type bettas.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no scientist. I browse the internet for more information regarding the different types of wild bettas, their husbandry, and their breeding during my free time.

Sometimes, I complement these readings with scientific studies (I can be a huge nerd) and sometimes I tone it down a little by talking to hobbyists and wild betta breeders.

I don’t claim to be an expert, I’m merely just sharing whatever limited knowledge I have in keeping wild bettas and from what I’ve gathered.

male betta albimarginata

My experience mostly lies in keeping the betta coccina, betta channoides, betta albimarginata, betta mahachai, and the domestic betta splendens. Any other information you find are from reading forums, talking to local & regional hobbyists, and other online research.

I didn’t always start with bettas though. I’ve kept guppies, angels, and various tetras. The aquarium hobby started since I was 7 years old as I was influenced by my dad. This went through my teenage years, my time as a conscript, and now my 20s.

I hope you’ll find this blog useful and maybe you’d consider keeping these amazing wild bettas.

If you have any knowledge, pictures, and experiences to share, do reach out and I’ll add them into my articles. I’ll also credit you for the information you share with me if requested!